The Life and Legacy of Karl Hans Welz

If you’re here, you probably already know that Karl Hans Welz invented chi generators and orgonite. December 20, 2021, the world’s light got a bit dimmer with the passing of my dad, Karl Welz. Just as a bit of background before adding more blog posts about his orgone generators, etc. I’m listing his bio here, followed by his obituary.

For now, his bio can be found here:

and his obituary here:

Karl Hans Welz is originally from Telfs/Tirol, a small town near Innsbruck, Austria (birth-house at At a very early age he has developed a fascination for science in general and for the stars in particular. Consequently he has read eagerly any book on astronomy, astrophysics, mathematics and physics that he could get hold of. At age 16 he became interested in the subject of hypnosis. He began studying this discipline, later he perfected Autogenic Training and eventually, age 18, he began the practice of Hatha Yoga. This practice strengthened his then frail body within a few weeks and his overall condition and health improved considerably. Quite naturally these spectacular results gave Karl an incentive to explore other sciences that were not part of his academic curriculum. 

Studies and practice in astrology, practical magic, rune magic, and practice of various forms of life energy technology such as astral traveling and clair voyance followed within one year. He studied the works of Mesmer, Korschelt, von Reichenbach, Tesla, Lahkowski, and others. At age 19 Karl began his graduate studies in mathematics and physics. Several times he interrupted his academic studies to travel extensively. During the course of these travels he gained valuable information about magical practices and the use of life force in many cultures and traditions and he came in contact with many gifted teachers and adepts on the subject-matter. 

During his stays in South Africa, Switzerland, West Berlin and, since 1974, the United States of America, he continued his studies which he then rounded off with general semantics, radionics, Reichian psychology, and orgone physics.

You can read more on including the history of chi generators and I’ll be adding more of it here with time.

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