JU 1000 Vs. Rad 1000: Which should you buy?

Over the years, I’ve been asked a lot about which device people should get. What’s the difference between the rad 1000, ju 1000, and ao 2000. Mostly, the rad 1000 vs the ju 1000. First lets look at the devices:

Rad 1000

JU 1000

AO 2000

Now for the differences. The price on all three devices is the same, which as of this post (July 2022) is $369.00

The RAD 1000, is an entry level radionics device with a built in orgone generator. There is a stickpad to set radionic rates. If you’re interested in radionics and you want the stickpad and the dials for radionic rates, the rad 1000 is the device you’d choose

The JU 1000 is an orgone generator with preset frequencies. The frequencies are: Theta 3.5 Hz – Feeling of Oneness, Theta 6.3 Hz – Super learning, memory boost Alpha 7.0 Hz – Enhance artistic inspiration, creativity Alpha 7.83 Hz – Earth Resonance, Grounding, Stimulate Invention Alpha 10.0 Hz – universally beneficial, mood elevation, feelings of centeredness Beta 14.1 Hz – efficiency in daily activity, mental and physical energy, fitness training.

In general, the JU 1000 is the easier of the two to work with and if you’re interested in experimenting with frequencies, this would be the machine to get.

The AO 2000 is a water optimizer. It’s set at a floating low frequency and is specifically for charging waters and foods.

You can purchase these devices through http://www.orgonegenerator.com

Once you have items in your cart there, if you go to check out, click on show order summary and enter the discount code “orgonetech” you’ll get 10% off your total purchase or click here https://orgonegenerator.com/discount/orgonetech

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