Intuition Coffee – Start Your Morning Right

We all know that the right start to our morning is important. The mood you’re in first thing in the morning, carries over to the rest of the day. When you set your intent to have a good day, the chances are higher for the day going the way you plan. Start your day out right, by setting the intention for what you want your day to look like.

Because I believe strongly in the power of intuition, I start my day with intuition coffee. This image demonstrates the way I transfer trend energies into my morning cup of coffee. I add a few extra filters, usually optimism/success, balance/harmony, and effortlessly succeeding. In this image, my positive energy chi card ( ) and ceg 1000 (which is no longer available as far as i know but you can use any orgone generator, the ju 1000 at would work well) are both charging my coffee cup with powerful intuition. I also charge my water bottle and any food that I consume.

Start your day right by setting your intention and drinking it in along with your morning cup of coffee or tea.

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