PFC 2400 HD – Using Frequencies with Orgone Generators

If you’re located within the United States, you can see the catalog and order orgone generators here

If you’re interested in an orgone generator that allows you to easily set precise frequencies, the pfc 2400 HD is the easiest device. You simply turn the device on, flip the switch that allows frequency setting, and turn the dials until you get to the frequency you want to use. Then if you have a transfer couple, you place one piece in front of the output pipe and you carry the other one on yourself. You can find lists of benefits of various frequencies with a quick google search but here are a few:

  • 4.5 Hz – Dream States, vivid imagery
  • 5 Hz – Learning, unusual problem solving enhanced
  • 5.75 Hz – Improves the power of creative fantasies
  • 6.75 Hz – Inner Calmness
  • 7.83 Hz – Earth Resonance, grounding, Schumann Resonance, The JU99 is set at this frequency as well
  • 8-10 Hz Learning New Information
  • 10 Hz – Mood Elevator
  • 12.3 Hz – Powers of Visualization
  • 33 Hz – Pyramid Frequency
  • 22 Hz – Astral Traveling

I will be writing more on various uses. With the PFC 2400 you can go as high as over 1000 Hz so most frequencies are available to experiment with. If you have questions feel free to email and ask me.

If you’d like to purchase a PFC 2400 HD for $1500.00 and you’re located within the US you can order through paypal by clicking the buy now button

PFC 2400 HD, US Orders Only, $1500.00


3 thoughts on “PFC 2400 HD – Using Frequencies with Orgone Generators

  1. Adil says:

    Hello, I want to know the difference between the PFC 2000 DL and the PFC 2400 HD is it the audio input or the argon

    1. admin says:

      The difference is that the pfc 2400 hd has an audio input and the dl doesn’t. Also, the pfc 2400 hd is a heavy duty device so it has a higher orgone energy output than the dl. The PFC 2400 HD is actually the most cost effective heavy duty device.

      1. Adil says:

        Thanks, it means that the two devices have the same regulation of the power flowing from the two devices.Note that I bought the device PFC 2000 DL with 4 medium + 1 small – ORGONITE┬« PYRAMID SET Is the device powerful from RAD 2400 HD


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