Basic Manifestation Program – Radionics Software

If you’re looking for radionics software to facilitate change in your life, the basic manifestation program is a good place to start. You can order a digital download of the basic manifestation program, the manifestation ultimate lite, manifestation ultimate pro, feng shui plus, or astro dynamic manifestation program by going to

The Basic Manifestation Program has 5 positions. The target position (yourself or the person you’re running a trend for), The alternate target position (here you place a grounding filter, to ground energy in case it doesn’t hit the intended target), Basic Action (you use a filter here that represents what you want to have happen), Trend (Also what you want to have happen. Your main trend), Trend Environment (sometimes with this position i just add intuitively any filter that ties in with the trend. Sometimes I use a planetary energy that represents the energy i want surrounding the trend)

The image above shows the positions. You can also set a background image. In the center position you use a transfer diagram which is also connected with your orgone generator. The energy moves across each position and energizes your manifestation. The Basic Manifestation program comes with all filters and as you learn to use the program, you can also add images of your own.

Once you’ve set up the trend you want to run in the radionics software, you can set radionics rates by clicking on each gray box with the position name. This will set a random radionic rate within the radionics software and solidify your intent in regards to how each position is meant to add to your specific manifestation setup. You can write down you radionic rate to reuse later if the manifestation you set up works well, or you can just redo your radionic rate within the software each time.

To order a digital download of the Basic Manifestation Program for $99.00 by paypal, click the button below



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