Getting Started with your Orgone Generator

If you haven’t already purchased an orgone generator you can find a catalog at the following sources:

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Outside of the US:

Looking for a manual to get started?

First Steps with your orgone generator:

1. Feel the Chi Energy Output
Turn the generator on, then hold the center
of your palm (either hand) approximately 2 inches
(5 cm) in front of the output pipe of the Chi
Generator®, above it or above the stainless steel
plate. Most likely, you will feel a gentle warmth, a
tingling, or a cool breeze. What you are feeling at
first depends very much on the system of nerve
endings that react first. Persons who are skilled
with their hands usually feel the cool breeze rather
than warmth.
Do the same practice of feeling the output
with your transfer disk, and then do the same thing
with your wrist.
Then point the output pipe of the Chi
Generator® at the center between your eyes,
keeping it at least at a distance of 2 inches.
Rule: The Chi Generator® ideally should
not be on the ground or on a concrete floor for
any extended time. If this is the case, there is a
possibility that the life energy literally can be
“grounded” and less goes into the surroundings.
Use a table, a chair, or some other non-metallic
stand. If transferring energy to yourself or any
person, location is not as important.
Very important: Do not get alarmed if,
after getting used to your equipment, you do not
feel the output as strongly as you did in the
beginning. Once you have energized your body to
capacity, it will not draw as much life energy any
more as it did in the beginning. Consequently, your
nerve endings will no longer react as
strongly. Feeling less indicates a diminished flow
of chi energy from the Chi Generator® into your
body as a result of your saturation, not diminished
performance of your Chi Generator

2. Feel Differences in the Energy
Output, for Chi Generators® that
have frequency options
Turn on the Chi Generator®. Then set it
at the lowest level, i.e., the slowest blinking speed,
by turning the dial all the way to the left. Feel the
output. Then turn the dial all the way to the
right. The control light will be “solid” with no
blinking. Feel and compare again! Feel with wrists
and forehead and compare these sensations as
If you have a multiple-frequency device,
i.e., a device of the LPOG 2400 series, a performer
2400 or a PCHD 2400, test the other frequencies
in the same way and notice the differences. Note: The JU99 and AO 2000 are set at one frequency.

3. Feel the Energy Output at a
Attach the Booster part of the PBT 2400
to the output pipe of your Chi Generator® or simply
use the transfer disks that come with other devices.
Put the transfer disk of the PBT 2400 at a table
that is at least 6 ft away from the device. Practice
also as described in 2.
If you do not have a power booster, use
the TC 99 transfer couple.

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