About Orgone Tech

From 2010-2018, the Orgone Tech Online Community was a forum dedicated to the chi generators, manifestation programs, and courses of Karl Hans Welz. I’ve considered bringing the online community back but so far I haven’t. I’ve decided instead to pull together information from the original community as well as various videos, courses etc by my dad (Karl Hans Welz) and post them here. Sadly, my dad passed away in december of 2021 and I’m left with a very large hole where he was. His are large shoes to fill and I could never do that, but this will be a dedication of love to him as well as hopefully a help to those who have devices and those considering buying. If you’re located within the US and would like to order a chi generator through me directly by paypal, you can go to http://www.chi-card.com/orderinfo/c_paypal.html