Brainwave Frequency Highlight – 5.4 hz

If you’re located within the United States and looking for a catalog of orgone generators:

Some of our orgone generators, such as the pfc 2400 hd, will allow you to set a specific frequency. You then carry a transfer on you which resonates at this specific frequency. I’m going to start occasionally creating posts around specific frequencies and their benefits. Below: PFC 2400 HD

There are 5 types of brainwaves: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma. For the sake of this blog post, we’re going to focus in on 5.4 hz which is within Theta brainwaves. Theta brainwaves occur when you’re sleeping or dreaming but not within the deepest parts of sleep. They can also occur when awake but in a deeply relaxed mind-state, such as when meditating. The theta state is associated with dreaming, creativity and intuitive insights.

By setting an orgone generator (such as the PFC 2400 HD which allows you to program specific frequencies) to a theta frequency such as 5.4hz, you can aid in bringing your manifestations to fruition. Because theta frequencies are the in between wake/sleep, they are a good frequency range to practice visualization. Theta waves are an energetic response to your mind’s activity. Setting your orgone generator to 5.4 hz will help with creativity, tuning into your intuition, meditation, and learning new skills.

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