How to use chi cards to help with meditation

Chi cards can be used as a powerful tool to help enhance meditation. You can choose a chi card to subscribe to, either the general chi card or the positive energy chi card. We also have a chi card which you can add any affirmation of your choice to. You can actually practice this though using the free transfer test available at or through the trial chi card which you can request on When people request the transfer test or trial card, I usually send out a 5 day card, which gives you time to check everything out.

I also usually send the link to the filter sampler, or if you sign up for the life manifestations newsletter you can receive a link to download the alphabet of desire filter pack for free.

Before you start your meditation session, set clear intentions for what you want your focus to be. This could be inner peace, spiritual growth, or any goal that feels meaningful to you. Write out a statement and place it with your chi card, and hold your intentions in mind as you meditate with your chi card.

Create a sacred space for your meditation sessions. Clear out clutter. You may want to place items representing the elements in your space: candles, incense, calming music, etc

Take a few deep breaths to center yourself and quiet your mind. Hold the chi card in your hand and focus on pulling the energy in and using it to clear your energy. Visualize them infusing you with positive energy/intents. Allow yourself to enter a state of deep relaxation and receptivity. Follow your breath, slowly breathing in and out.

You can use any method of meditation which you’re used to. Following breath, visualization, repeating affirmations, etc.

End your session with gratitude for the session. Journal any insights you may have. you can carry the chi card with you throughout the day.

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