Manifestation Program – Filter Packs – Intelligence Pack

If you’re reading this post, you may already have the Basic Manifestation Program, or one of the other Manifestation Programs and you’re looking for more information on how best to use the filter packs, which come with the program. To get a full breakdown of each image available with the filter packs or to order the digital filter packs as a download, see:

If you’re looking for information on how to order an orgone generator:

The Super Intelligence Filter Pack, includes the following filters:

  • poetry and writing skills
  • musical talent
  • visual arts
  • basic scientific understanding
  • high science comprehension
  • mathematical skills
  • creative high tech
  • invention
  • pass tests
  • wisdom and knowledge
  • boost intelligence
  • quick comprehension of new concepts
  • fun in learning
  • ability to learn fast
  • easy learning of languages
  • increase mental energy
  • achieve consistency
  • powerful intuition
  • communicate inspiration
  • creativity

This is an excellent filter set to start off your day, especially if you’re in the academic setting. You can use these specific trend energies as an added boost to your education. Powerful Intuition is helpful in day to day life to boost the intuitive nudges we all get.

If you have the digital filter packs, you simply print out any trend energy you want to use and either carry it with your transfer or chi card or energize your food and water with it. A simple technique is to print out the filter. Place the printed filter in front of a glass of water and either place your chi card with it or energize the water using your orgone generator. After a few minutes, drink the water.

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